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Oriental Rug Sizes

Spinning wheel used by Mr. Kia to spin wool to make yarn for Oriental Rug Repair|Restoration, Antique Oriental Rug Repairing|Restoration, Persian Rug Repair|Restoration. Hello Again Folks, I mentioned in my earlier writings that I was going to discuss the deference between a rug and a carpet when Oriental Rugs are concerned. Well, the difference is basically "the size". I know that was simple but this in the Oriental Rug industry has been very confusing for most people. Most folks who have been in the Oriental Rug Sales, Antique Rug Repair or Oriental and Persian Rug cleaning for some time all agree that Oriental Rug that measures 6' x 9' or larger is considered Carpet. You may use these terms "Oriental Carpet" or "Persian Carpet" for rugs that are as large as 10' x 14'. Any Carpet larger than 10' x 14' are considered "Over-Size Rugs". Generally, the sizes are as follow;
2' x 3' Rugs
3' x 5' Rugs 
4' x 6' Rugs
6' x 9' Carpets
8' x 10' Carpets
9' x 12' Carpets
10' x 14' Carpets
There are various sizes of Oversize Oriental Carpets too many to list. 

NOTE: There are variations to the list of sizes mentioned above when measuring  Persian Rugs. Iranian weavers have always refused to change the size of their looms to accommodate foreign Purchasers/Merchants. At first I wasn't able to understand why these weavers are so adamant about maintaining there looms as it's been for centuries and perhaps millennial.
Well! there is a real good reason for this and I'll try to explain this reason in my future writings  as it was once explained to me by a weaver himself.

Please don't forget to have your Oriental Rugs cleaned. Call a professional rug cleaner in your area and asked them if they can explain to you how they clean oriental rugs. Cleaning Oriental Rugs is complicated and you need to know if the outfit you choose is prepared and is an experienced Oriental Rug Cleaner. I'll elaborate more on my future writings. Please come back soon as I have a lot more to say!!!!!!!!    

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Winny on Monday, July 02, 2018 11:00 PM
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